Private Equity for Long Term Asset Classes

Fleming Corp is a value investor targeting long-term, typically regulated asset classes in the lower middle market ($1-10M EBITDA).  We acquire controlling interests in existing assets as well as provide capital support to experienced managers building de novo operating businesses.  Fleming Corp takes a buy-and-hold approach leveraging a shareholder base that prioritizes cash flow sustainability, equity growth, and underwriting over periods of 10+ years.


When evaluating new opportunities, Fleming Corp tries to find that critical balance between assets and services, but ultimately we are agnostic toward industry and opportunistic about where we invest in the corporate capital structure. Fleming Corp’s balance sheet holdings range from common equity to senior secured loans.  We are comfortable assigning premium valuations to proprietary opportunities and where interests are strongly aligned between managers and owners. 


Industry interests include:

  • Financial Services:                          Reinsurance, Banking, Litigation Finance
  • Infrastructure:                                  Utilities, Maritime, Telecom
  • Government Contracting:             Aerospace & Defense
  • Real Estate:                                      Single Family Rentals, Hotels